California Steelhead

Guided Steelhead Fishing with Brent Rinker
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California Steelhead

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California Steelhead

Fishing For Steelhead in California

Winter SteelheadWelcome to California; home to the Wine Country, beautiful Pacific beaches, and the majestic Redwoods. But one thing that many people might not associate with California is great Steelhead Fishing. Steelhead fishing is often considered a rugged trek involving long hikes, snow flurries, and just plain freezing your butt off, as icy fingertips attempt to tie knots and re-bait hooks. Let me be the first to say that Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, and Alaska can keep their weather! Now lean back, close your, eyes, and imagine kicking back in a driftboat with a couple of your buddies, on an emerald green river, floating through the redwoods. Take a deep breath, smell the air, and smile because you just caught a beautiful wild California Steelhead. While Northern California DOES actually have a winter with cool wet weather, it would be a rarity to hear someone complain about their line being frozen to the end of their rod. Now I�m NOT saying that you should leave your rain gear at home, but there is a pretty good chance that you won�t have to use it.

Guided California Steelhead Fishing

Cailfornia Steelhead�Our California Steelhead Guide Service offers you the chance at catching a fish that many anglers only dream about. A steelhead is the ultimate game fish, a rare trophy that words cannot do justice. The hook-up, the fight, the quick picture, and the satisfaction of sending the wild beauty back into the emerald green water is a thrill that every fisherman (or woman) should experience. You will be guided by a top notch professional steelhead guide, with the tools and expertise to help you catch your trophy. I have grown up learning how to fish the California Steelhead Rivers, and have found that putting other people on fish is as enjoyable for me as catching them (almost). I have spent the past 5 summers guiding on the world famous Kenai Peninsula, helping clients battle the Kenais monstrous King Salmon. Winter and spring bring me back to Northern California where when Im not out on the river chasing the California Steelhead, Im working for the California Department of Fish & Game (in a Steelhead Hatchery What else). Yes I spend a lot of my life working with fish, be it raising them or catching them. When you choose to fish with me you will be assured that you will fish from a clean comfortable quiet drift boat. No motors to disrupt the peacefulness, just a pair of arms and a pair of oars. I will supply you with quality gear, rods, reels, tackle, ect if you would like to bring along your own rod and reel, just let me know ahead of time so I can help you choose what type of line to spool up. Whether you are an accomplished angler or a person who has never held a fishing rod before, I can help you catch a California Steelhead!


California Steelhead

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